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Coordinated Strike 17 Allegiance Breakdown: Gibbering Hordes

October 1, 2018

GHHRHAHAHLKAHLA, and Welcome to Coordinated Strike. Today we commune with the denizens of the dark Oceans of Malifaux and get the Skinny on the beauty and Majesty of nature unleashed in the Gibbering Horde. We talk extensively about the contents of the Alliegence Box, how is plays, key units and understandings withing the box and talk a bit about tactical keys to getting the most out of training with the box. We then discuss ways to expand the Company to the two commander level from a high level and give a few buying guides for it. Finally We go through every unit we didn't hit on and talk about them why you want them and the role they play within the Company from a High Level. Its our First Allegiance Breakdown I hope you enjoyed it we will do a similar product for Each of the Remaining Allegiances.

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