Coordinated Strike Podcast

Coordinated Strike 18: Allegiance Breakdown #2 Abyssinia

October 5, 2018

We get out of the shadows and onto the business of Empire building with a look a the Empire of Abyssinia Allegiance for the other side. We go deep on the box set discussing tactics and strategies as well as synergies. We then do a combo meal of buyers guide and unit review because well I was having trouble not recommending everything Box set expansion suggest buy orders below for Infantry heavy, and if you Want to Go Titan out for your 2 commander list. We go deep on a lot of units reviewing them for performance and synergy as you expand your forces.


Buy List Infantry Heavy low cost

-Allegiance Box

Next Purchases

4 Abyssinian Engineers

1x Electrocutioners

1x Basotho Cav

2x rail gunner

1xLord of Steel

Higher Cost Infantry Heavy

Allegiance box

2x Mechanized Infantry

1x Electrocutioners

Lord of Steel

Mecha Heavy

Allegiance Box

2x Dreadnought

2 Abyssinia Engineers

Kassa Okoyo

2x Rail Gunner


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